Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Well, another Bonfire Night comes around, and still on your own?

Perhaps it's time to give your love life a rocket, and put a bang back into your life!

I read an interesting article about taking a risk recently.

"Most of us like to feel reasonably safe. But if we shut down our lives to doing only "safe" things, we cut off our potential for growth and accomplishment.

Plus we drain our lives of all excitement. No excitement in our lives makes for the biggest stress of all - boredom. When facing any risk in life, weigh it on a balance scale. What do you stand to gain if you succeed and what do you stand to lose if you fail?"

This is just so true! It is so easy to slip into doing the safe, easy option, and not step out of your comfort zone. But by doing this, you miss out on so much. 

So my challenge to you is this -

Everyday, if you get a chance to do something you wouldn't normally do, go somewhere you wouldn't normally go, or meet people you wouldn't normally speak to, just DO IT! See what new opportunities and adventures it brings! And believe me, you'll feel so much better for doing it! It's called living life!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Don't Be Left At Home!

So you've recently split up with your husband or wife. Sometimes it can feel like the world has ended. But believe me it hasn't.

You only have to look at one of the online dating sites, to see that there are thousands of other people in exactly the same situation as you. So as a single parent, take a look at Dating for Single Parents UK, and you'll see that you're not alone!

Sometimes it takes a while to get over a breakup, but don't feel too sorry for yourself, and let life pass you by. It's your life, so live it! Get out and meet some new people - it's amazing how good it will make you feel. Not all dates will be fantastic, but that's life. Never be afraid to experience it!

Be assured, there is someone right just waiting for you out there.

Online Dating

Friday, 11 October 2013

To Call or Not to Call?

To Call or Not to Call
So that first date is over it was great you want to see her again – now what?  When can you call, is there a right or wrong time to do so?  Should it be right away or should you wait a couple of days?  It truly doesn’t matter.
If you want to call immediately, she might think that it’s endearing, on the other hand she might think you are a psycho.  The fact of the matter is, do what you would normally do.  If you don’t always do what you would anyway, then you aren’t really being yourself are you?
The worst thing that you can do for your relationship life is to hide who you are because it is a deception.  Always be honest so that you can reveal exactly who you are and what you are all about.
If you don’t want to smile, don’t smile.  If you want to wear sweatpants to your first date… well that’s probably not really classy, but maybe you aren’t classy.  Maybe she likes sweatpants right
So if you want to call then go ahead.  If you would usually wait a few days or if you get busy and don’t think about calling, then that’s fine too.  Don’t change anything about you unless you want to.
Don’t try to act a certain way because you think another person wants you to do that.  If it isn’t how you would normally behave then don’t do it.  Be yourself with everything that you do.  That includes dating.  Now, this might mean that it could be a lot more difficult for you to find a mate, but when you do, she will be the exact girl for you.

Thanks to http://dating.be2gether.com/ for this article.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

5 Dating Tips For Moms

Being a mom is the hardest and most time consuming job in the world. From changing diapers to feeding your kids , cleaning –and for some moms juggling a full-time job – it’s easy for moms to get overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s also easy for them to forget about their own needs – especially when it comes to their dating life!
 I’m here share my dating expertise with all of the single moms out there! I hope these tips will help you  find the man of your dreams! (Or just someone cool to hangout with)
 Tip 1Join an Online Dating Site: This shouldn’t be the ONLY way you meet men, but your schedule is tight these days, and sites like Dating for Single Parents are packed with nothing but single men! I’ll share more tips on how to get noticed on these sites in a future post, but for now I suggest you sign up, upload a bunch of gorgeous photos of yourself, and fill out your profile.
 Tip 2: Practice Flirting: Many people don’t think about this, but flirting is an actual skill. The more you practice flirting, the better you get. If you’ve been out of practice for a bit and can’t leave the house much – just start flirting! Flirt with anyone. Flirt with the pizza delivery guy, the postal worker that drops off mail in your building, etc. It doesn’t matter who it is—just practice interacting with men and flirting! When the guy you actually like comes along, you wont be nervous and you’ll flirt like a pro!
 Tip 3: Leave the Kid (and Day-Day Domestic Stuff) at the Door: Look, this is YOUR time to loosen up and just have fun. Sure, you will eventually want to share the cute things your kid does with the person you’re dating, but when you first start seeing a guy, just focus on the fun of getting to know someone new and let him romance you! In the early stages of dating, always keep it light, fun and exciting. Once he’s into you, he will want to hear all about it!
 Tip 4Get Your Style On!: After a long day of changing diapers and feedings, it’s easy to forget about your own personal style. But never forget to go shopping and work on your look. You don’t have to be a supermodel, but your look: accessories, clothing, etc is extremely important for getting noticed. So, if you don’t have your own personal style, get one!
 Tip 5Meet and Date Lots of Men: Men are everywhere! You can meet them while running errands, at the dry cleaners, supermarket, etc. I once told a guy a cheesy line at the dry cleaners about his clothes and he asked me out. I said, “those are a lot of whites – you should add some color to your wardrobe” (see, told ya it was cheesy!). But that got the conversation going…So if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a bit, don’t try to settle for the first guy that comes your way – date as many men as possible and find out what you like! Dating is a learning experience…
I hope these tips are helpful! Hit the comments and let me know. And get out into the world! College lectures, classes, gyms, etc. 
Stay True,

Monday, 23 September 2013

Dating For Parents

A new relationship is about two people who have found each other and fallen in love. But what happens when at least one of them already has a child?

Dating for parents
It can be discouraging for a single mother to hear people say that it will be hard for her to find a man - at least until her offspring achieves a level of independence. It’s the kind of thing that other single parents tend to say - or at least the ones who haven’t undertaken to find a new partner after a split. But the truth is that things really can work out differently - a recent survey suggested that 92% of men would be ready to take on someone else’s children: in fact, they rather like the idea of a ‘readymade’ family. The survey went on to suggest that 40% of relationships involving a single parent actually result in marriage.
Forget the inferiority complex!
PARSHIP psychologist Nicole Schiller feels that single parents are more in need of encouragement and motivation than advice. Younger mothers in particular tend to feel they have to resign themselves to a single state. “They would do better to gather their confidence and go actively in search of a new partner,” thinks Schiller. Negativity is out of place, because there are plenty of people who are specifically in search of someone with children, either because they have children themselves and would like a partner who understands their situation, or because they feel that people without children have less to offer them. “Single parents are certainly not second-class citizens in the world of dating,” affirms Schiller. “There really is someone out there for you!”
Looking for a substitute?
Many single parents aren’t sure how to describe themselves in their online dating profile, thinking that they will deter approaches by referring to their situation. Admittedly, a certain amount of discretion is advisable … ‘Four children and two dogs are looking for a daddy!’ might be a bit too upfront, as would, “My wife has disappeared off the scene, so now I need a new mother for the triplets.” Nicole Schiller advises PARSHIP members to consider whether they’re looking for a new mother or father for their children or for a partner for themselves. Ultimately, what most people want is a partner who will accept their situation, not someone who is going to take on all the responsibilities. Schiller recommends referring to your single parent status in the context of your feelings or your everyday life: “My children are the most important thing in my life,” or “I spend the weekends with my 13-year-old daughter”. That makes the position clear without immediately raising the issue of adoption papers!
What do I tell the kids?
It is also of vital importance to talk to your children about the new situation and to get them ready for a possible change in the make-up of your family. With older children, it is a good idea to include them at a suitable stage in the process of getting to know your partner. At the least they should know if you are looking for a new relationship. This reduces the subsequent potential for conflict and for jealous feelings on your children’s part.
In general, if you have split relatively recently from you ex, then you need to tread still more carefully with your children. There is a greater risk that they will come out with something like: “But I’ve already got a mum/a dad. I don’t need another one!” Younger children tend to view any changes in their world as somewhat threatening, so they will often fear that their parent will have less time for them or that they will become less central to your existence. Don’t try and ‘sell’ the idea of a new relationship for you or your new partner - and don’t expect your child to be wild about the idea. You do need to make clear how important a new partner is to you, that you will continue to love your child just as much and that you will continue to spend lots of time with him/her.
What next?
So, when should you introduce your new love interest to your children? At the very latest this should be when you feel that a durable relationship is in view. If your new boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t seem especially interested in getting to know your children better, then don’t rush things. Give him or her time to get used to the situation. Experts recommend staging the first meeting on neutral ground - say at a sports centre or a museum - so that no-one feels like an intruder. If your boyfriend of girlfriend doesn’t seem to hit it off particularly well with your kids, just be patient and gently make clear to him or her how important you consider it for everyone to get on with each other. And children generally come to realise of their own accord that happy parents are much nicer to live with.
Thanks to Parship for this article!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My Single Band - Good Idea?

Good idea? Or not?
Would you wear one?
A company called My Single Band has invented a silicone band (similar to the charity bands except those actually do something useful!) that indicates the wearer is single. What's even more insulting: they cost £6! 


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Single BEST Online Dating Pick Up Line!

I previously wrote a post about the Best Online Dating Pick Up Lines, and I stand by it, but some new information has arisen and I feel it is my duty as a self-proclaimed dating advice guru to share it with you guys!

So, How Do You Determine THE Best Pick Up Line?

Science! Of course. A study was conducted by dating site Badoo.com and they claim to have found “the Holy Grail of online flirting.” Their site has over 187 million members and it’s constantly growing. To conduct the study they monitored the initial pick up line used in almost 200,000 online messages all over the world and analysed its success.
Badoo gave it’s users the option to use one of twelves different “icebreakers” (or pick up lines). These twelves lines were all a simple statement of compliment on either a physical feature or their appearance in some way. The success of each line was measured in terms of whether a response was received at all, and whether a successful conversation (going back and forth at least four times) was sparked. This combination equalled the “Compliment Success Index” for each pick up line.

Dear God, What Is The Best Line?!

“You have beautiful lips.”
Yep. That’s it. The pickup line that was the most effective overall was “You have beautiful lips.” However, the study also discovered that what women like being complimented on varies greatly depending on ethnicity and where you are in the world, so while “beautiful lips” worked the best overall, some compliments worked better in different parts of the world.
But, if you are unsure of the woman’s nationality, lips are the way to go!

But Why?

The reason complimenting lips is the most successful is because it’s out of the norm (the study showed that “beautiful lips” was only used by 7% of men). A compliment of the lips doesn’t seem like a canned compliment that’s being mass-messaged around. It seems more tailored to an individual; women are expects at detecting a generic message that is not customized for them.
It also works because it’s very forward without being off-putting. “I love your tits” is also bold, but I think you can see the difference. Complimenting lips is just bold enough.. it suggests you’re thinking about kissing (or perhaps something dirtier), but it’s not so bold as too be gross. Women love that forcefulness, but don’t want vulgarity shoved down their throat. Another similar, but bold, option in the study was “you have a beautiful mouth“. This option was used by 12% of men (the third highest usage), but only ranked 9th out of the 12 options on the ”Compliment Success Index”
A final thought on this, from my own perspective, is that it’s something we often work on. As opposed to saying I have a beautiful nose (which is something I can’t help one way or the other), saying I have beautiful lips reassures me that someone has noticed what I’ve been trying to get noticed since I was 14 years old, slathering on tinted lip gloss.

What Else Ya Got?

“You have lovely ears.”
That’s what will work best if she’s Portuguese (seriously!). If she’s Spanish? Fawn over her luscious, luxurious hair. Russian? Tell her how adorable her nose is. Found a hoser hottie (Canadian) or a lederhosen lady (German)?? Tell them how flawless their skin is!! Polish? Arms are a big hit, for some reason. Swedish? Compliment their figure. But just that.. their “figure”. Don’t take creative licence here and spew out any “Damn girl, you are fiiiiiine” bullshit, okay?

What Do American Girls Like To Hear?

As superficial as ever, we want to hear about how nice our clothes are, how snazzy a dresser we are, and what a great fashion sense we have! But hey, that goes for Italians, Brazilians, and Frenchies too!
Beautiful lips” fared well here too, but complimenting our clothing was definitely head and shoulders above the rest. When I first read this, I thought it would be such a weird compliment to receive via online dating message, but the more I thought about it the more I think it would totally work. It’s out of the norm, and I think it would be particularly effective if you actually mentioned a specific piece of clothing from one of my photos. I personally love to know what men find me attractive. I make note to put that piece or outfit in high rotation!

Which Line Is The Most Over-Rated? 

The study found that the highest percentage of men (23%) would initiate a conversation with “You have beautiful eyes.” However, it was only the third most successful (behind lips and clothes). Eyes is a tired, old compliment. It’s bordering on cheesy, and it’s been heard a million times before. Give it a rest, then maybe it can have a comeback.
So there you go, boys. The best pick up line. Use it wisely.

Great article from http://www.wwwdatingguide.com 
Why not try using it here?

Friday, 30 August 2013

Dating Tips for Single Parents

A more serious article from Kristi Pikiewicz, PhD iMeaningful You

For many single parents, casual dating can be frustrating and annoying. Looking for a new partner, however, can be downright frightening. In fact many single parents who are gunshy after divorce go in one of two directions. They either convince themselves they are better off not going beyond getting their feet wet (at best) or they deny and minimize their fears, which can lead to making reckless plunges.

Why? Well, the chronically painful realities of divorce that involve children may be likened to having a chronic and debilitating illness like arthritis. Instead of periodic flare ups of painful inflammation of muscles and joints we are left dealing with periodic flare ups of our children’s painful struggles to come to terms with our divorces, flare ups of our own painful struggles to come to terms with divorce and episodic painful dealings with our divorced spouses. The evolution and stabilization of split off family units do not come about without mourning obsolete family units and coping with individual and systemic growing pains.

Furthermore, many of us after unsuccessful marriages have our self esteem wounded, experience guilt over making our kids victims of decisions that didn’t work out, may begin to doubt our abilities to choose appropriate partners and even delude ourselves into believing we are entitled to and can realistically expect to forge intimate and satisfying relationships without risking disappointments and rejections. Have you endured all the discouragement you can take in one paragraph? Good, now I can resurrect your hopes for a happier outcome the second time around with my dating tips for single parents.
The thematic threat that holds my recommendations together is the adage: “finding a suitable partner is about racing in slow motion.” Like a well schooled marathoner runner, we are less likely to drop out of the race by virtue of hitting an impenetrable wall of disappointment, frustration and discouragement if we hold back, hold back, and hold back some more despite impulses to fall in infatuation in the early stages of a relationship. Most relationships destined to end when the blooms of infatuation fades are likely to end in the first six months. The faster we move the shorter they tend to be as human beings never measure up to our fantasies of them. It takes a history of consistent contacts, continuity of conversations and emotional connecting to build authentic, reliable and sustainable relationships. Rome was not built in a day. Neither are loving relationships.

The marathon doesn’t really begin until after the first half of the race is over and I contend that most relating doesn’t begin until the flames of infatuation cease to burn in an out of control fashion. It’s at this time the edge is taken off the urgency to be magnets for each other. We begin to put into focus the outlines of the people we have been pursuing as three dimensional people as distinct and separate from needs gratifying objects.

What is especially important to consider as attachments deepen is what roles from early childhood will your partners feel compelled to re-live and pressure you to re-live with them. We don’t know someone intimately until we get a flavour of the ghosts of seasons past we will be dealing with from time to time.
I say this no matter how great is the chemistry and/or level of comfort between the two of you. If we level with ourselves we don’t want to get involved with partners who in their repeating of history engage in abusive and neglectful dynamics even if they are darlings the rest of the time. Unless of course, they own these issues as their problems and are actively working them through. I can’t count how many times I have heard inside and outside of my private practice things like: “he was an angel until he moved in and then, became a tyrant, “ or “She gave me so much freedom to be myself until we got engaged and then, she wanted to know my whereabouts every hour of the day” or “He was great with my kids until we got married and then, he became jealous and envious to the point of hating them.”
In summary, to ensure that you are not blinded by the uncontaminated fantasies about a potential partner which assume lives of their own early on in relationships when there is little history together, clear boundaries, and infrequent contacts, please consider the following recommendations before you make any commitments and go beyond the point of no return.

1) It’s human nature to wish to possess that which holds the potential to satisfy powerful yearnings.
I urge all of you out there to consider staying out of bed as long as is possible and to do your best not to lavish your dates with expressions of infatuation which may be confused by both of you with expressions of love. Infatuations are by nature, deceptive. The ocean may look very inviting however, if there is an undertow you simply must refrain from getting in to deep until it subsides. Once you take the sexual plunge it’s hard to swim back towards shore against the tide.

2) We all want to make good impressions with our love interests.
It’s incumbent upon all of us to continuously make judgements as to whether our dates actions are consistent with their words. At the risk of mortally wounding your fantasies, ask clarifying questions, observe responses, and continue to reflect on what’s happening between you. When you process these interactions with your date is your reality in the same ballpark as his?

3) To whatever degree is possible, keep your dating out of sight of your children.
They don’t need to become anxious over what will happen to them should you remarry when you are dating casually. It’s hard enough to make an intelligent and reasonable judgement about selecting a partner without complicating the matter further. Just keep in mind as you go through the process what kind of step-parent your love interest might be to your kids.

If you reflect on any portions of this article I believe you will be much better prepared to avoid major pitfalls of dating the second time around. Good luck!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bank Holiday!

Another Bank Holiday weekend on your own?

It doesn't have to be this way, you know.

Why not take a look at all the other single parents who are also on their own in your area, and start a conversation? Who knows what it might lead to!

Take a look now, at http://www.datingforsingleparentsuk.com

Friday, 9 August 2013

Bad Breath Revealed To Be Biggest First Date Turn-Off!

First dates are such a minefield of sexual chemistry and expectations fuelled by lots of white wine, but one thing you probably can control is your breath.

According to a recent survey, bad breath is the biggest date turn-off, which 67% of men and women said was enough to put them off arranging a second date.
Close on the heels of halitosis is talking about your ex partner (it's never a good idea. Seriously. Whatever the context.) and rudeness came a close third. This could be anything from berating a waiter to turning up late.
bad first date
Lastly - good old flatulence came fourth, with 38% of people citing it as reason enough to say: "cheque, please."
From Huff Post UK!
Don't make these mistakes on your first date - http://www.datingforsingleparentsuk.com

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Rules For Dating?

Thanks to Marie Claire magazine for this article.

What do you think of their rules? Sound pretty good to me!

-Don't act like a needy person. In fact, until you're in a solid relationship, try to hide any neediness almost entirely. (I mean, if you need to take a leak; or to eat a peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich you have in your handbag for fits of low blood sugar; or to have a glass of water ... by all means. But don't act like there's anything you need from the other person.)

-Don't be negative. This means you shouldn't criticize the loud/poorly dressed/gauche people on the other side of the bar from you. Don't complain that your Pinot is not quite Noir-y enough, or that your salad would've been a lot more awesome if they'd only added a splash of Holy Water from Fatima on it. Don't complain about your job. Or your family. Or that one really toxic friend of yours. (I don't care if she always gets wasted and throws up on your shoes, or if she always borrows money in small denominations--like $5 here, $10 there--and never pays you back. Do not mention her! And really, while you're at it, shouldn't you consider breaking up with her?) If you need to vent about any of these things--wait till you're sitting with an old pal, or you're on the couch at your shrink's office. A big part of the reason we're attracted to people is because we think they are going to make our lives happier--and the more negative you are, the less likely it is that a dude will think you'll bring some sunshine to his sad existence. 

-Always keep this idea in the forefront of your mind: You are not trying to find out if the person you are flirting with or dating accepts YOU. You are trying to figure out if YOU accept HIM. Does he have qualities that you value? Does he make you feel good? Does he treat you the way you want to be treated? 

-Remember that most guys like to pursue. So, while you may be the one initiating contact ... let him do the work after you've met. Let him call you for dates, write the follow-up emails, and plan for the future. Of course, you want to make it clear that you enjoy his company--but keep him guessing about just how much you really like him until you feel comfortable with the fact that he's totally into you.

-Have fun and be playful. Think about how awesome it is when someone makes a little joke, says something out of the ordinary, or simply engages in a spontaneous act of goofiness. We all like to smile and (even better) to laugh. When you're flirting, approach strangers with the attitude that if nothing else happens, at least you're going to have fun--and you'll always come out a winner. 

Read more: Rules for Dating - Advice for Daters - Marie Claire
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Visit us at MarieClaire.com

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Great News! We're In The Final!

Well, we've made it! We're through to the finals in the Best Dating Blogs contest, not just in one category, but in three! Best Blog, Best Newcomer and Best Niche!

Please vote for us by clicking on the images below - we're so proud to have got this far, but now we're there, lets try and win it! Look for us in the list as UK Dating for Single Parents.co.uk

Best dating blog
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Friday, 5 July 2013

Sex is the Secret to Looking Younger, Claims Researcher

Regular sex could now be the key to looking up to seven years younger, a researcher claims.

women can accurately identify potential mates by looking at their faces

Dr David Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, said people need to be aware of the benefits of having a healthy sex life, particularly in their later years.
He said sex has a number of health benefits which can make men and women look between five and seven years younger which includes; it causes the release of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemical which acts as a natural painkiller and reduces anxiety aiding sleep; exercise boosts circulation which is good for the heart; and it also causes the human growth hormone to be released which makes the skin look more elastic.
Dr Weeks said: “My message is that lovemaking is good.
“The stereotype of an elderly person is that when they get their pension and bus pass, they stop having sex and that’s not true.
“Sexual satisfaction is a major contributor to quality of life, ranking at least as high as spiritual or religious commitment and other morale factors, so more positive attitudes towards mature sex should be vigorously promoted.
The 59-year-old will tell a British Psychological Society conference today about his research, where he asked men and women questions about their sex lives. He found those who looked younger than their age claimed to have sex an average 50 per cent more – in the 40-to-50 age group equating to three times a week rather than twice.
Dr Weeks’ findings of the benefits of a healthy sex life follow previous evidence that suggests regular lovemaking is associated with reducing the risk of early death.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

C4 Dating Season

I hope you've managed to catch some of the programs being shown in the C4 Dating Season, which is currently showing.

Here's a link to the Channel 4 mating mini site

Some dramas, some documentary, but all really well done and interesting and entertaining, especially if you are looking to date or are dating, (which I presume you are if you are reading this!)

And you can always use catch up on your pc if you've missed them!

Boy Meets Girl

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tips For Online Dating

Susan Quilliam's online dating tips

'Dating online can be a challenge. It's a new way of looking for love, so we're all still learning how to work it' – Susan Quilliam, who takes part in the programme.
1. Be ready to date. If you're not over a previous relationship or anxious and demotivated about going online, you'll self-sabotage. Wait until you're emotionally available, confident in yourself, ready to put in time and energy.
2. Decide what you want first. The site you use, your profile and photo all need to be chosen to suit the partner and partnership you're looking for. So before you ever go online, think carefully through your wants, needs, deal breakers.
3. Ignore the numbers. No site – however huge their database – will bring you results if the site users aren't your kind of people. Plus, the ones with big memberships can overwhelm you with numbers. Instead, trawl sites to find one you personally identify with.
4. Don't sell – invite. Writing your profile shouldn't be a marketing exercise. In fact, research suggests the more you major on "I", the more you'll actively put people off. Instead, welcome in prospective partners by writing warmly about the relationship you'd love to have with them.
5. Choose a welcoming photo not a mug shot. Get a friend or a professional photographer to take hundreds of photos of you smiling and laughing. Then choose the ones where you look the most relaxed and approachable.
6. Don't go shopping. Studies suggest that, when faced with too much choice in partners, we make decisions on irrelevant criteria, such as whether someone wears glasses. Instead, decide who to approach based on whether their profile lets you imagine having a good relationship with them.
7. Get real – and get real early. Don't fall for the spell of email and text - feeling close online says nothing about whether you're compatible in real life. So talk on the phone and meet up as soon as you possibly can.
8. Tell the truth. Most folk on dating sites are genuinely looking for love – if they're not, they go to 'hook-up' or 'married' sites. But many people are also insecure, so tweak age, height or weight to make a good impression. It works best to be truthful – anything else creates a false start to love.
9. Don't expect instant success. In everyday life you may meet hundreds of people at work, socially or by chance before you find someone to date. The same's true online – it can take months of regular searching before you find a match.
10. Ignore bad behaviour. Because online dating's so new, we haven't worked out the courtesies: for example, many people don't respond to approaches made to them. So if you get snubbed, rejected or dumped, ignore it; not your fault.
11. Get support. Find a dating buddy, someone to help you through the tricky stages, support you through disappointment, celebrate your success.
About Susan Quilliam
Susan Quilliam's work in this field spans coaching, writing, broadcasting, training and consulting. Her background is in psychology and counselling.
More tips from Susan Quilliam on her Online Dating Coach website.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New TV Series Pregnant And Dating

Haven't seen this yet, so I'll let you make your own minds up! Comments appreciated!!

WE tv's New Original Series "Pregnant & Dating" Premieres Saturday, June 1 at 9PM ET/PT
Kiesha, Shana, Melissa, Megan and Rachel all have one special thing in common: each of them is expecting a baby and realize the search for true love won't wait nine months.

[via press release from WE tv]
Not even pregnancy will keep these women "out of the game"

New York - April 22, 2013 - In WE tv's Pregnant & Dating, premiering Saturday, June 1 at 9 pm ET/PT, five fiercely independent women go on the hunt for a partner who isn't scared off by the idea of an "instant family." Kiesha, Shana, Melissa, Megan and Rachel all have one special thing in common: each of them is expecting a baby and realize the search for true love won't wait nine months.
Traditionally, love is followed by marriage and then along comes motherhood, but in this fresh new original series, viewers join these fearless five as they experience the modern day dating game with a baby on board. During each hour-long installment, the spotlight will be on all the drama, conflict and inherent comedy that ensues when these very spirited and single moms-to-be embark on their quest to find Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now. Some have the support of friends and family - others haven't even shared their happy news. But whether their pregnancy was planned or unplanned, these take-charge mothers-to-be laugh at convention and aren't going to miss a beat on their quest to have it all.
This season on Pregnant & Dating, viewers will be introduced to Kiesha, a successful R&B producer from Los Angeles, CA, whose baby daddy is "just a friend" and has no idea she's pregnant - and she's keeping her secret, for now; model and three-time Miss Hawaiian Tropic winner, Shana, a NC native, is pregnant at the same time as her married BFFs-together, the trio is on the hunt to find her a "good" man; Melissa, a Los Angeles based celebrity stylist who's worked with ultra-glamorous clients like Shakira and Britney Spears, is truly excited about her latest accessory: a baby bump. However Melissa, who always wanted a child and even tried artificial insemination, is coping with the fact that her ex-boyfriend has chosen to jet around the world with another woman instead of being there for the birth; Nail technician, Megan, of Orange County, CA, who found herself "with child" after too much tequila - the father wants to be involved, but her preference is to go at it alone; and Los Angeles television producer, Rachel who is pregnant with twins by her much younger ex-boyfriend.
Refusing to accept stereotypes, these women thoughtfully manage a combination of active hormones, overbearing families, inattentive fathers-to-be and a slew of dates both rocky and redeeming, as they put together their most modern of families.
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 Hunting for Mr Right: Pregnant & Dating, which is set to air on WE tv on June 1, focuses on five single moms-to-be who are on the lookout for love (pictured from left Kiesha, Rachel, Shana)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Internet Dating Advice

Always worth reminding yourself about the do's and don'ts when setting up an internet dating profile. Here's some ideas from Single Dad.

Now go set up your profile HERE!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Three Really Important Online Dating Tips!

1) Follow important online dating safety tips.

From the time you sign up for a service through the time you meet on a date, it's important to be safe. Read Online Dating Magazine's Online Dating Safety Tips article for specific things you should and shouldn't do. In a nutshell: never give out too much personal information; never give a home phone number; always meet in a public place for the first date; ask for a recent photo (or how old posted photos are); and trust your gut instinct. Read the article for more safety tips and full descriptions.

2) Build a winning profile.

Your profile is one of the two key elements that will determine if a person emails you on an online dating service (the other is photo - see next tip). Thus it's important to make sure that your profile is lively, fun, and positive. Avoid negatives (I'm lonely, I can't believe I'm doing this) at all costs. Examine other profiles and determine what about it makes you more interested or less interested. Read Online Dating Magazine's Profile Tips article for more advice. If a person finds your profile interesting and not generic then you have increased your chances of someone showing interest in you. Make yours interesting!

3) Post great recent photos.

Face it - when doing a search on an online dating service the first thing that grabs your attention is the photo. This is the single most important element to getting people to view that great profile you've written (see last tip). These days, generic photos won't cut it. You need to determine what colours look best on you, dress nice, be clean cut, and have someone take various photos of you that are fun and lively. When I changed my photo from a posed shot to a shot of me with an Orangutan, the number of people emailing me or showing an interest quadrupled. It also provided a great ice breaker and talking point when someone emailed me. Read Online Dating Magazine's Creating a Better Online Dating Photo article for some excellent tips.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dating - Just Where Do You Start?

There is a theory that there is the perfect partner for everyone. I believe it totally and it’s not just my romantic side talking. Well if there are over 6 billion people in the world then the odds seem pretty good. So taking this rough figure of 6 billion and assuming it’s an equal split of men and women then that leaves 3 billion men to go through. Now even I know there aren’t enough hours in the day to cover that one. So removing a billion for the ones that are two young and then another billion for the ones too old, I estimate I have a billion to work through. Now like every other woman out there I have a list of like and dislikes on my Mr. Right credentials list. Now even with my sub standard mathematician brain I can work out that even deleting all those who don’t cut it on the credentials list I am still left with a high number of potential candidates. This doesn’t though take into account that there are constant changing variables. What I thought of as Mr Right 10 and even 5 years ago is very different to what I want now. I have changed. We all do its natural. I have grown older, my body is less forgiving, and my requirements have changed. Be it from outside influences or by natural growth and change from life. Each time I have dated and its not worked out I have learnt what I do and don’t want from a relationship.
Now its all very well have the safe knowledge that Mr Right is out there, Mother Nature wasn’t to kind to give him a map to my door. But this is a good thing. If he landed on my door in the early years, how would I know what I actually want in a man? I wouldn’t have experienced the good and the bad times that make me what I am today. How would I be able to comfort my children as they grow and learn about broken hearts if I hadn’t had my fair share? Half the fun when you go out of an evening is the getting ready. So should half the fun be in the finding of Mr Right. And considering how long it takes me to get ready to go out, I will probably find him when I have retired and pushing a Zimmer frame. To find Mr Right I have to be findable. If I wait for him to walk past my house then I might as well not bother. Online Dating here I come.
Online Dating for Parents

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Do You Still Have A Hangup About Internet Dating?

Online Dating, internet dating, call it what you will..

Its's great that people are now using online dating without any of the hangups from only a few years ago.

In fact, you only have to look how many TV adverts there are for general dating sites on prime time, to see that millions of people now use internet dating to find a partner.

Even BT in their latest advert are using online dating to show off their broadband capabilities!

So if you are a single parent, what better way could there be to find your new love?

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lybridos Or 'Female Viagra' Could Be On Sale By 2016!

Reports suggests that in as little as three years, a new pill that heightens a woman's sexual desire and improves her satisfaction levels in the bedroom, could be on the market.
The new drug called Lybridos, developed by Dutch and US firm Emotional Brain, has been dubbed the 'female viagra' by the media.
According to The Telegraph, the company's founder Adriaan Tuiten describes the recent results of a trial involving more than 200 women, which have not yet been published, as "very, very promising".
In an extensive feature with The New York Times magazine, Tuiten also indicated that if all goes well, his drug could be on sale by 2016.
Emotional Brain was set up in 2001 to research innovative health care, with a focus on women's sexual health. Since then, studies into the causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) have lead to the development of targeted drugs designed to meet women's needs.
However, concerns have already been raised about how a drug that can boost the female sex drive will be received by the public.
Gynaecologist Andrew Goldstein, who helped conduct the study, told The New York Times that: “You want your effects to be good but not too good.”
He recalled past research into the development of a drug to treat a decrease in sexual desire.
“There was a lot of discussion about the need to show that you’re not turning women into nymphomaniacs. There’s a bias against — a fear of creating the sexually aggressive woman.”
Commentators have already picked up on this controversial line of thought, with their spin on how a world filled with rapacious women might look!
According to the NHS, sexual problems affect around 50% of women, and become more common as women get older. Forms of FSD can include loss of desire, loss of arousal, problems with orgasm and pain during sex.
Joanna Coke, psychosexual therapist, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "The positive benefit of this kind of drug is that it could be a quick fix, which is much quicker and cheaper than psychosexual therapy.
"However, if low sexual desire disorder is part of a relational issue within the couple, using 'female viagra' may mean issues are not addressed and resentment continues to grow."
She adds there is also a small danger that if the drug were used to privilege sexual desire over the right to refuse sex, this could potentially lead to coercive and abusive behaviour within the relationship.
For more information about sexual and relationship therapy, please visit COSRT.