Friday, 11 October 2013

To Call or Not to Call?

To Call or Not to Call
So that first date is over it was great you want to see her again – now what?  When can you call, is there a right or wrong time to do so?  Should it be right away or should you wait a couple of days?  It truly doesn’t matter.
If you want to call immediately, she might think that it’s endearing, on the other hand she might think you are a psycho.  The fact of the matter is, do what you would normally do.  If you don’t always do what you would anyway, then you aren’t really being yourself are you?
The worst thing that you can do for your relationship life is to hide who you are because it is a deception.  Always be honest so that you can reveal exactly who you are and what you are all about.
If you don’t want to smile, don’t smile.  If you want to wear sweatpants to your first date… well that’s probably not really classy, but maybe you aren’t classy.  Maybe she likes sweatpants right
So if you want to call then go ahead.  If you would usually wait a few days or if you get busy and don’t think about calling, then that’s fine too.  Don’t change anything about you unless you want to.
Don’t try to act a certain way because you think another person wants you to do that.  If it isn’t how you would normally behave then don’t do it.  Be yourself with everything that you do.  That includes dating.  Now, this might mean that it could be a lot more difficult for you to find a mate, but when you do, she will be the exact girl for you.

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