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The Single BEST Online Dating Pick Up Line!

I previously wrote a post about the Best Online Dating Pick Up Lines, and I stand by it, but some new information has arisen and I feel it is my duty as a self-proclaimed dating advice guru to share it with you guys!

So, How Do You Determine THE Best Pick Up Line?

Science! Of course. A study was conducted by dating site and they claim to have found “the Holy Grail of online flirting.” Their site has over 187 million members and it’s constantly growing. To conduct the study they monitored the initial pick up line used in almost 200,000 online messages all over the world and analysed its success.
Badoo gave it’s users the option to use one of twelves different “icebreakers” (or pick up lines). These twelves lines were all a simple statement of compliment on either a physical feature or their appearance in some way. The success of each line was measured in terms of whether a response was received at all, and whether a successful conversation (going back and forth at least four times) was sparked. This combination equalled the “Compliment Success Index” for each pick up line.

Dear God, What Is The Best Line?!

“You have beautiful lips.”
Yep. That’s it. The pickup line that was the most effective overall was “You have beautiful lips.” However, the study also discovered that what women like being complimented on varies greatly depending on ethnicity and where you are in the world, so while “beautiful lips” worked the best overall, some compliments worked better in different parts of the world.
But, if you are unsure of the woman’s nationality, lips are the way to go!

But Why?

The reason complimenting lips is the most successful is because it’s out of the norm (the study showed that “beautiful lips” was only used by 7% of men). A compliment of the lips doesn’t seem like a canned compliment that’s being mass-messaged around. It seems more tailored to an individual; women are expects at detecting a generic message that is not customized for them.
It also works because it’s very forward without being off-putting. “I love your tits” is also bold, but I think you can see the difference. Complimenting lips is just bold enough.. it suggests you’re thinking about kissing (or perhaps something dirtier), but it’s not so bold as too be gross. Women love that forcefulness, but don’t want vulgarity shoved down their throat. Another similar, but bold, option in the study was “you have a beautiful mouth“. This option was used by 12% of men (the third highest usage), but only ranked 9th out of the 12 options on the ”Compliment Success Index”
A final thought on this, from my own perspective, is that it’s something we often work on. As opposed to saying I have a beautiful nose (which is something I can’t help one way or the other), saying I have beautiful lips reassures me that someone has noticed what I’ve been trying to get noticed since I was 14 years old, slathering on tinted lip gloss.

What Else Ya Got?

“You have lovely ears.”
That’s what will work best if she’s Portuguese (seriously!). If she’s Spanish? Fawn over her luscious, luxurious hair. Russian? Tell her how adorable her nose is. Found a hoser hottie (Canadian) or a lederhosen lady (German)?? Tell them how flawless their skin is!! Polish? Arms are a big hit, for some reason. Swedish? Compliment their figure. But just that.. their “figure”. Don’t take creative licence here and spew out any “Damn girl, you are fiiiiiine” bullshit, okay?

What Do American Girls Like To Hear?

As superficial as ever, we want to hear about how nice our clothes are, how snazzy a dresser we are, and what a great fashion sense we have! But hey, that goes for Italians, Brazilians, and Frenchies too!
Beautiful lips” fared well here too, but complimenting our clothing was definitely head and shoulders above the rest. When I first read this, I thought it would be such a weird compliment to receive via online dating message, but the more I thought about it the more I think it would totally work. It’s out of the norm, and I think it would be particularly effective if you actually mentioned a specific piece of clothing from one of my photos. I personally love to know what men find me attractive. I make note to put that piece or outfit in high rotation!

Which Line Is The Most Over-Rated? 

The study found that the highest percentage of men (23%) would initiate a conversation with “You have beautiful eyes.” However, it was only the third most successful (behind lips and clothes). Eyes is a tired, old compliment. It’s bordering on cheesy, and it’s been heard a million times before. Give it a rest, then maybe it can have a comeback.
So there you go, boys. The best pick up line. Use it wisely.

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