Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Well, another Bonfire Night comes around, and still on your own?

Perhaps it's time to give your love life a rocket, and put a bang back into your life!

I read an interesting article about taking a risk recently.

"Most of us like to feel reasonably safe. But if we shut down our lives to doing only "safe" things, we cut off our potential for growth and accomplishment.

Plus we drain our lives of all excitement. No excitement in our lives makes for the biggest stress of all - boredom. When facing any risk in life, weigh it on a balance scale. What do you stand to gain if you succeed and what do you stand to lose if you fail?"

This is just so true! It is so easy to slip into doing the safe, easy option, and not step out of your comfort zone. But by doing this, you miss out on so much. 

So my challenge to you is this -

Everyday, if you get a chance to do something you wouldn't normally do, go somewhere you wouldn't normally go, or meet people you wouldn't normally speak to, just DO IT! See what new opportunities and adventures it brings! And believe me, you'll feel so much better for doing it! It's called living life!

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