Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is Dating and Why You Should Do It!

Dating is a fascinating process. It is the time when both parties involved are trying to understand the other person, and so are on their best behaviour at all times. They do not want to show the less than perfect side of things and so are always trying to impress the other party and make sure that person realizes how lucky they are to have them in their lives. It is after all the time when two people decide if the other person has the potential to be in their lives for… well, forever, to look at it in a bit of a corny light! Dating is also when confusion reigns as one of the more prevalent emotions, along with a certain degree of happiness, self-importance (here is someone who thinks what you say is significant) and maybe, for the lucky ones, the initial stages of love.
Dating is considered a good way of getting to know another person, as it is in this time that you learn a lot about how compatible you are with the other person. It can be a fun and exciting process, with both parties flirting and enjoying each other’s company. If, after going through the dating process, either or both of those involved feel like they would not be able to have a long-term relationship, they end the relationship there and then , which bring us to another good thing about dating – unless really serious, it can be a totally no strings attached approach, which significantly reduces the pressure for both, at least at the beginning.

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